FOH v2.0

Uncomplete beta version, last update 17.VI.2003

Fate Of The Heroes

Have you ever imagined becoming hero, chaimpion of law or to become dark one, evil creature wanting just gold and nothing else. What would it be like being famous for slaining dragon and saving kingdoms, or on the other hand being feared because of rumours about dosesns innocet klilled by the way. Would you like wisiting busy towns and cities, ancient shrines of long forgotten gods, deep dungeons full of creatures so terrible and unimaginable that you have to experience it yourself. Is your dream to become someone in fantasy world, where magic is real and gods are known to be overseeing you?

Because it is certainly impossible in real life, was created way to enable you to experince this. A RPGs, Role Playing Games, can give you this. You just have to have imagination and will to try.

Here you are, you have just made first step.

In ancient times, Fate created heroes, their Fate was to fight, become powerfull, or to die. It is you Fate.

Fate of The Heroes

(o) (o)
. , .
' # '
_-^ & ^-_
A           +^& &A& &^+           A
|\         / & &/^\& & \         /|
| \       ( & &/ ^ \& & )       / |
| |      __)--/  _  \--(__      | |
@) )   _- % %(  (@)  )% % -_   ( (@
| |   /% % % %\  ~  /% % % %\   | |
| \  /% % % % %\   /% % % % %\  / |
!  \{% % % % % %|^|% % % % % %}/  !
\  \ % % % % %/ V \% % % % % /  /
*> \________/ <*> \________/ <*
|O> <O> <O> <O> <O> <O> <O> <O|
| <O> <O> <O> <O> <O> <O> <O> |
(ASCII Art - 'Diamond Crown')
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This is my attempt to create a RPG rules which could be used for both pen-and-paper game (so they should be easy enough to remember and fun to play) and for possible computer games (so they are rich and detailed)

Indeed not much will be original, becaose I played lot's of games with very different rulesets, and each gave it's piece to theese rules, I tried combine combinable and left out proprietary nonsense.

Here is listing of games which I played, enojoyed and decided to use.

Thanks authors for great work and lots of fun playing it!


  1. FOH v2.0
    1. Preface
  2. TOC
  3. Beginig
    1. About Characters
      1. Player Character (PC)
    2. Character atributes
      1. Stats (Basic Ones)
        1. Strength
        2. Agility
        3. Constitution
        4. Wisdom
        5. Inteligence
        6. Magic
        7. Charisma
        8. Preception
        9. Luck
      2. Stats: race and class tables
      3. Stats: Values table
      4. Stats: Examples of creating
      5. Derived stats
        1. HP
        2. MANA
        3. STAMINA
        4. AC
        5. To-Hit
        6. Damage
        7. AP
      6. Resistancies
        1. Fire
        2. Cold
        3. Acid
        4. Electrical
        5. Poison
        6. Disease
        7. Mind
        8. Magic
        9. Damage
      7. Genders
        1. Male
        2. Female
        3. Stats/Sex relations
  4. Dices
    1. Pictures
    2. Explanation
  5. Author and about
  6. End


About Characters

Player Character (PC)

Each player has his "PC" (A player character), His virtual personality in the Games world. This persnolality is finctional, desinged by player which chooses Gender, Race, Class, etc... for PC, he guides PC in this world and decides for him (or her).

In order to be able to own PC, you have to know how is it described. We use "Scores" - a numerical values which estimate PC's ablilities.

Character atributes

Stats (Basic Ones)

Stats are basic characterisation of PC. They determine raw physical and psychical abilites. They are:

(o) (o)
Table 1. - Stat groups
(o) (o)
& Physical Psychical Joined
Power Strength Wisdom Charisma
Skill Agility Inteligence Preception
Endurance Constitution Magic Luck
(o) (o)

Now lets look what each of these Stats determines: Str, Agi, Con, Wis, Int, Mag, Cha, Pre, Luc

(o) (o)
Table 2. - Stats2
(o) (o)
Stat and abr. Descprition Game efects Important for ...
Strength (Str)

Is raw physical strength, ability to move heavy objects and desctruct by froce

  • Damage you make in meele is +(Str-10)/2
  • Damage you make in ranged is +(Str-10)/4
  • Max weight you can carry is Str*5 Kg
  • Non-level bonus to HP is Str/4 (You gain this bonus just when you raise Str)
  • Also enables to handle certain equipment (See items table)
  • You have Bashing*(Str-10)% Chance to break lock or bash door by your Str (Modified also by object you are attmpting to bash)
Brute force fighters
Agility (Agi)

Speed and coordination. Agility means how precise you can be with your hands.

  • To-Hit Bonus is Agi*2%
  • Damage you make in ranged is +(Agi-10)/4
  • AC Bonus - Agi/2
  • Critical-Hit chance is (Agi-10)/10%
  • AP Bonus - Agi/4
  • Also affects thieving skills (see them for details)
  • Enables to handle certain equipment (See items table)
Thieves and technicaly oriented fighters
Constitution (Con)

Health and vitality. Also resistance against illnesses and poisons. This says how "tough" are you

Everyone who plans to get hurt a lot
Wisdom (Wis)

Strength of mind. This describes how wise you are. Wiscom cosists of common knowledge and willpower and learned facts.

  • Non-level bonus to MANA is Wis/4 (just like Str bonus to HP)
  • Resistance to Mind attacks equals Wis%
  • Wis modifies damage/effect done by spells
  • Also enables to use certain items and learn spells
Magick practicioners will benefit most of Wis
Inteligence (Int)

Agility and speed of thoughts. Ability to find out new things and to think in new ways.

  • Bonus to-hit with ranged weapons is (Int/10)%
  • You get Int/2 bonus to XP everytime you gain experience
  • Enables to learn spells and use then
  • Modifies many skills
Magick practicioners and Thieves need Int!
Magic (Mag)

Means how close are you to flow of magic in the world. Also this is your spiritual esence, describing how long can you withstand overnatural attacks.

  • Bonus to starting MANA is Mag/2
  • Bonus to level-up MANA is (Mag-10)/4
  • You can wield and use just (Mag/3)+1 magical items (Including Weapons, Armour, Amulets and Rings; things that you use without being worn (i.e. potions, wands or scrolls) are not count)
  • Your Resistance against magical attacks and radiation is Mag%
Just mages really need this.
Charisma (Cha)

Beauty of both body and personality. Atractive and very kind people are sure charismatic. But the spell of personality is also cast by not-as-pretty or cold-as-dog people, it depends.

  • Cha is used in man-to-man skills.
Paladins and leaders need Cha, no-one else.
Preception (Pre)

Quality of eyesight and listeing ability.

  • Bonus to ranged To-Hit is Pre/4%
  • Used in skills, mainly in thieving ones
Handy for Thieves
Luck (Luc)

Karma and standing to gods, luck can influence many things.

  • Critical Hit is Luc/2% Propable
  • PC starts with Luc/4 FP.
  • PC gets each level Luc/6 FP.
  • All non-zero resitancies have Luc/5 bonus
Luck is really good for everyone.
(o) (o)

Stats: race, class and sex tables

Stats have varying values. They range from 5 to 25, and there are three factors which determine minimum and maximum value of each stat, they are:

Typical and important stats raise maximum by 2 and minimum by 3, atypical and unimportant are doind it vice versa.

Minimum can't be below 1, so zero and negative values are substacted from maximum to create minimum of 1. Maximum should never happen to be lower than minimum, but if it is then it is raised to min+1. Also important or typical stats have bonus +1 after stat roll (and -1 to unimportant or atypical ...).

Remember: If you roll higer value than max or lower than min, you have to reroll value. This occurs just during character generation.

Stats/Sex relations
(o) (o)
Table 4. - Race/Stats relations
(o) (o)
Race Typical stats Atypical stats
Human Luc, Cha Wis, Pre
Elf Cha, Mag Str, Con
Dwarf Str, Con Agi, Mag
Halfling Agi, Luc Str, Wis
Troll Str, Con Cha, Int
Orc Agi, Int Cha, Luc
Drakeling Int, Mag Cha, Agi
(o) (o)
(o) (o)
Table 5. - Class/Stats relations
(o) (o)
Class Important stats Unimportant stats
Warrior Str, Agi, Con Wis, Int, Mag
Ranger Per, Str, Con luc, Int, Mag
Paladin Str, cha, Con Per, Int, Mag
Thief Int, Agi, Pre Str, Con, Mag
Bard Wis, Cha, Dex Str, Con, Pre
Assassin dex, Luc, Pre Wis, Cha, Mag
Mage Wis, Int, Mag Str, Agi, Con
Priest Wis, Cha, Mag Int, Agi, Str
Alchemist Con, Int, Mag Str, Cha, Pre
Mentant Pre, Int, Mag Str, Con, Dex
(o) (o)

Stats: Values table

Values used in theese rules are highly abstract, unimanigable. So there are descriptions which will help you to undesrtand then more easily.

(o) (o)
Table 6. - Values of stats
(o) (o)
Value range Description
0 None :)
1 - 3 Extremely poor
4 - 6 Poor
7 - 8 Below average
9 - 11 Average
12 - 15 Good
16 - 18 Superb
19 - 21 Heroic
21 - ? Demigod
(o) (o)

Stats: Examples of creating

If you are still confused, lets look at this example

I decided to create PC who is Female Orcish Priest (LOL!).

Because I'm too lazy, I used my "FOH Stat Generator" program to count result. Look here:

(o) (o)
Female Orc Priest
Stats Min Max Bon
Strength 2 23 -1
Agility 2 23 -1
Constitution 5 25
Wisdom 11 29 +2
Inteligence 5 25
Magic 5 25
Charisma 8 27 +1
Perception 5 25
Luck 2 23 -1

Nice priest :)

(o) (o)

Derived stats

Because basic stats describe well PCs average status, there is lack of "momentary" stats describing for example health or resitancies. We call them derived because they depend on stats. You can - for exaplme - be only as healtly as your contitution allows and so on.

First, there are two basic status stats: Hit Points (shortened as HP) and Mana.

(o) (o)
Table 7. - HP and MANA
(o) (o)
Derived stat About Formula

Hit points represent PCs combat status, they sumarize his wounds and staying power. Simply if HP is on maximum, PC is unwounded, in top condition; but if HP reaches zero, PC drops dead. You can loose HPs becaouse of geting wound in combat, bacause of poison or bacuse harmfull spell was cast as you. On the other hand, you can regain HPs by resting (Each time you rest you regain Con/4+1 HPs), healing yourself or using magical restorers of life (like healing potions or spells). Curent level of hitpoints cant exced its maximu value

  • Base HP (for level 1 character) = Str/4 + Con/2
  • Level-Up Hp = + (Con-10)/4 + ClassLevelUpDice + Race/Sex Bonuses

MANA is force which penetrates everything in the world. It is also power used to alter reality - to create magic, power used to cast spells. Each time something magical is made some MANA is released to power effect which spellcaster wants. Sometimes spell fails and MANA is released in its wild form into the world, then it creates dangerous magical radiation. PC has limited amount of MANA aviable, it depends on his concentration and on his natural closeness to flow of magic in the world. When you sleep you regain looosed MANA, your brain is open to flows of energy and will recharge its MANA.

  • Base MANA (for level 1 character) = Wis/4 + Mag/2
  • Level-Up Mana = + (Mag-10)/4 + ClassLevelUpDice + Race/Sex Bonuses

STAMINA is fatigue and standng power. When it reaches zero, you fall down uncoscious. STAMINA is lowered by being hit by blunt weapons of by doing hard work (certain skills, running, etc. eat stamina). Stamina is regained by just resting. Each turn you regain 1 point of stamina, when you rest you gain all the stamina.

(o) (o)

Here follows tables with bonuses for HP and MANA:

(o) (o)
Table 8. - Sex/HP, MANA
(o) (o)
Sex HP bonus MANA bonus
Male +1 -
Female - +1
(o) (o)
(o) (o)
Table 9. - Race/HP, MANA
(o) (o)
Race HP bonus MANA bonus
Human +1 +1
Elf -1 +3
Dwarf +2 -
Halfling +1 +1
Troll +3 -1
Orc +1 +1
Drakeling - +2
(o) (o)
(o) (o)
Table 10. - Class/HP, MANA
(o) (o)
Class HP LevelUp dice MANA LevelUp dice
Warrior 1D8 +1 1D1
Ranger 1D6+1 1D3
Paladin 2D4 1D2
Thief 1D4 +1 1D5
Bard 1D5 1D4 +1
Assassin 1D4 +1 1D5
Mage 1D1 1D8+1
Priest 1D3 1D6+1
Alchemist 1D2 2D4
Mentant 1D4 2D3
(o) (o)

Here is example, I chose Male Dwarf Mage :

(o) (o)
- Male Dwarf Mage Gained
HP +1 +2 +1D1 4
MANA - - +1D8+1 +1D8+1 (5,5 average)
(o) (o)

Also, you must gain at least 1 point in HP each level and you can never loose mana (you must gain at least 0 Mana).

Besides HP and MANA are here many more derived stats, they are:

(o) (o)
Table 11. - More derived stats
(o) (o)
Derived stat About Formula

AC means armour class. It says how good is your protection. Means % Bonus to hit evasion (Your enemies to-hit is lowered by AC). AC cosists mainly armour you are wearing, your reflexes and bit of skill.

  • AC = Agi/2 + Sum or Helmet, shield, body armour ... + Defence skill*2 + Shield skill (in case of shield wielded)

To-Hit is your ability to succesfully hit oponent with your weapon. It is based on your skill with weapon, weapon itself and agility. To-Hit is percent chance of hiting oponent, it is lowered by oponents AC.

  • To-Hit = Agi*2 + Weapon skill*10 + Weapon To-Hit Bonus
  • Ranged To-Hit = Agi*2 + Weapon skill*10 + Weapon To-Hit Bonus + Int/10 + Pre/2

Damage that you do to your oponents, this is how much HP will they loose if you hit then.

  • Damage = (Str-10)/2 + Weapon skill/3 + Weapon Damage Dice
  • Ranged Damage = (Str-10)/4 + (Agi-10)/4 + Weapon skill/3 + Weapon Damage Dice

Action points are amount of actions you can do in one turn, it is your speed.

(o) (o)


Resistancies are abilities to resist ( :-) ) certain attacks or things. They are percentages from 0% to 100%, 0% means no resitance, 100% is imunity

(o) (o)
Table 12. - Resistancies
(o) (o)
Resitance Description How it helps Stat bonus

Fire resitance aplies to all fire damage, even to dragons fire breath. Fire Element resistance.

  • Damage is lowered by % of resistance

Cold resitance lowers damage done by ice attacks. Water Element resistance.


Resists acids and all chemicals which are trying to destroy body. Earth Element resistance.


Resits electricity of all kinds. Air Element resistance.


Poisons will be less deadly and will go away faster. This resitance aplies to both normal and magical poisons.

  • Damage is lowered by % of resistance
  • Each time poison/disease attacks there is resistance% chance that it will go away.
  • Also, you gain resitancies to poison and disease by being affected by that.

Diseases are all illnesses.


Ability to block mental attacks, attempts to hypnotize or controll you by magical or mentant powers.

  • There is % chance Attack will fail
+Wis% + (10-(Skill or Spell level))/2%
skill/spell level is one of attacker has

Natural resitance to magical attacks and spells of all kinds. Also resitance to magical radiation.

  • There is % chance spell will fail; if attacking spell does element damage(fire, cold ...) coresponding resitance is used instead, the same for poisons or mind magic.

Resitance to physical attacks. The only resistance which is not is percents, but is in HPs which are substracted from damage (note - you cannot end with negative damage! T must be at least 0.

  • Value of resitance is substracted from damge dice.
(o) (o)
(o) (o)
Poison/Disease resistancies gained by being affected
(o) (o)
% Gained Damage taken
(o) (o)


Skills of character describe what he can do, and how good he is in that

You gain your skills in many ways, some are practitioned by all characters, some depend on his class, gender and race, some can be selected.

But even if you don't know the skill, you can try to practise it on skill level 0, but you can't train in it.

Skill value ranges from 1 to 10, every time you level up you can assign some points to skill, but no more than 2 points per level.

When starting, you start with 1 point in all skills, but if your skills come from several sources, you get bonnus for every source (for example: hobbit thief will start with 2 points in stealth, because he is both trained in it as thies and has natural talent for it as hobbit)

Skills Families:


Gender is your basic choice, in wold of FOH are males and females equal. Woman can become mighty fighter, but there are still prejusctices and female mage is being often considered like something odd and dangerous.

Choose as you want, you don't have to be the same as in real life :)

(o) (o)
(o) (o)
Gender Description

Males are strong and have good endurance, they are very alive. But they lack sight and a bit of gentle skills.


Women are charming and have common sense, they are also closer to magic tham males. On the other hand they are not as strong and have weaker constitution.

(o) (o)

Here are folowing tables for stats and secondary stats:

(o) (o)
Sex/Stats relations
(o) (o)
Sex Typical stats Atypical stats
Male Str, Con Agi, Pre
Female Cha, Wis Str, Con
(o) (o)
(o) (o)
| /        \ |
|(  O       )|
| \_.    ._/ |
|   \:..:/   |
0    \;;/    0
X     ||     X
0    / :\    0
|  _/ :  \_  |
| / O .:   \ |
|(   .::.   )|
| \ :::::: / |
(ASCII Art - 'Timeout')
(o) (o)


Pictures of common dices

(o) (o)
(o) (o)
Image Value Geometry Note
1D4 1D4 Tetrahedron
Triangle faces

Also used as 1D3 or 1D2.

1D6 1D6 Cube
Square faces

Most common dice on the world

1D8 1D8 Octahedron
Triangle faces
1D10 1D10 Dekahedron
Iregular faces

0 is taken as 10.

Ten sided dice is impossible to shape from regular geometric shapes, so faces don't fit well, but dice is as balacned as any other.

1D12 1D12 Dodekahedron
Pentagon faces
1D20 1D20 20 triangle faces
1D100 1D100 just like 1D10

To get precise number roll 1D100 and 1D10 and add result (1d100 gives 20, 1d10 says 8, result is 28 ...)

(o) (o)

Understanding 2D8-2

Notation of how dices as written can be very confusing when you are new to RPGs. And since dices are used to describe most of damage and other formulas it is esential to know how to read then.

While random generators in computers can generate numbers from any range, in real world you can never have dice with 7 or 5 sides. To get these you have to combine dices and use bonus.

Reading dice: dice notation is in folowing format: {a}D{b}+{c}. Where a means how many dices you roll, b gives number of sides and c is bonus which is added or substracted from roll. So:.

1D2 and 1D3 are also used. 1D2 is coin (head is 1, backside is 2). 1D3 is 1D4 where when you get 4 you roll again to get 1 to 3 number. Other types of dices can be simulated by similar method:1D11 is 1D12 where 12 is ignored, 1D18 is 1D20 where 19 and 20 are ignored ...

When you get complicated dice you may want to know what is range of values it generates. it is simple: formula is this: aDb+c has minimum a+c and maximum (a*b)+c. Example:

To reverse this action (to get dice from range of values) is rather complicated algoritm. I'll try to explain it:

  1. you have two values, min and max
  2. get bonus, it is (max-min)+1
  3. substract bonus from max and min to get maxB and Minb.
  4. maxB/minB gives you sides of dice (sD).
  5. if sD is illegal (it is 5,7,9,... or real number (8.5, 3.5 ...) ) substract one from bonus and go to step 3.
  6. you have sD, minB is number of dices, bonus is bonus.
  7. so: (sD)D(minB)+(bonus) is your dice

Author and about

Created by Petr "Zweistein" Prokop in 2002. My website is here: Early versions of Foh were created from 1998 and there were five of then, all left in early state of work. They are still aviable on demand. There was even attempt to write CRPG game based upon one set of rules, I'm quite proud of that (nice 2D gfx, even animation, and best of all - working teleports and pickable items ;) )

Why I created such thing? Well, I like playing RPGs and every set of rules has something I like and something I hate. So I decided to create my own rules which will be designed from scratch. I didn't just modify existing rules, because

  1. They are copyrighted
  2. It is harder to edit them than to create something new
  3. I enjoy working on THIS :)
Thats why I'm doing this silly thing.

Help? Help is sure apreciated! If you have and idea, If you found something that you consider bug or typo or bad english, If you feel like telling me "Good job!", drop me a mail. (And if you hate this, forget it ever existed and do not send me flames, nor tell everyone how stupid this is; I like constructive criticism.)

Btw: I also created HTML and CSS used in this document, so design and formating bugs can be directed to me too.

Missing Fonts: I'm using nice font here in this document, it is called monotype corsiva, if it is missing on your system, download it as install it, you won't regret it ...